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We are a complete convergent communication company that offers the very best in marketing, branding, social media management, search engine optimization, web page design, programming, app development, graphic design, writing, videography and photography. We provide all of these disciplines in one place, for one fee, on a retainer basis - that’s what makes us unique. For the price of one you get all of these different skill sets at your disposal. This is what we do for every client, every week, every day.

Things have changed. Communication isn’t about doing an ad anymore, it’s about having full control. Businesses in today’s hi-tech world now need to have many disciplines at their disposal. You need people that understand every aspect of communication and have the required skill sets as part and parcel of their particular culture - that’s what a complete convergent communication company brings to the table.

At theONEco. we have the ability to literally take over your communication needs. We offer our services on a shared basis with multiple clients. Instead of taking on the cost of what it would be to have all of these people on your payroll, you can go to our model. Everything is based on a retainer, and we stick with you until the end. We dedicate our time to you based on your needs, for a set amount of hours, for one price. That’s the concept.


Strategic Advisor
The Executive Director at theONEco. has over thirty years of experience in the communications field. The Boss is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our company, including developing business plans in collaboration with the marketing team, providing creative direction for projects, and forecasting the future of the organization.
Project Managers
The project manager is the genius that develops the project plan with the client and manages the objectives to make sure each team member’s role is performed to the fullest. By outlining the cost, scope, and time frame for each initiative, our project managers are able to ensure that all of the assignment objectives are executed successfully for our clients.
Our writers have the ability to produce any type of written document that you can think of. They will take your story or message and put it into written text that will enhance the communication of those ideas. Professional writers that create original, clear, and persuasive prose are an indispensable part of any communications team.
Creative Team / Graphic Designers
Visual Communication is a fundamental part of any organization’s success. Our gifted team of designers works closely with the client throughout the creative process to ensure that their artistic vision is in line with the practical requirements of the project. They combine words, symbols, and images to produce a visually compelling representation of your ideas and messages.
Programmers / Developers
Computer programmers, developers, coders, and software engineers – these are the magicians that work behind the scenes at theONEco. to make everything come together. From web development to technical support, they use a unique combination of logic, skill and knowledge to get the job done. Our lineup would not be complete without the help of our crack team of programmers.
Information Technology Support
Our total package wouldn’t be complete without the contribution of our brilliant team of IT consultants. We offer their expertise in network administration, software installation, and technology support, as well as hardware and software maintenance, upgrades and replacements. No business can be truly successful in today’s age of internet supremacy without the support of IT specialists.







Our branding tactics will help you establish a bold and distinct presence in the market that will enable you to attract and retain customers. We will actively engage your publics through consistent and innovative advertising campaigns. Our team will assist you in creating unique marketing strategies for your organization with the consumer in mind.
Multimedia Production
At theONEco. we understand that a diversified approach to communications is essential to success when marketing in our ever-evolving technology-based society. Our multimedia production experts will utilize any combination of text, audio, images, video or web, to achieve clear, measureable results for your organization.
Web Design
We work in teams to create beautifully designed web pages that will be effective in your specific market and attract repeat visitors to your site. Careful consideration is taken to ensure that the aesthetics and overall design of your pages work harmoniously with the clarity and accuracy of the content and web navigation.
This is an essential service provided by our top-notch professional photographers. Every organization has the need for high-quality photography to compliment their marketing portfolio. Without it you’ll be missing a crucial advertising tool - just imagine a magazine with no pictures! We use photography in a myriad of ways to promote your brand.
Hosting and IT
theONEco. offers internet hosting service that will make your website accessible online. We also provide database and IT support so that you’ll have all the answers to your questions in the blink of an eye. Your technical woes will be a thing of the past once you have our crack team of IT experts at your disposal and ready to handle anything you throw at them.
Search Engine Optimization
We can increase the visibility of your website or web page in search results. The higher ranked your site appears in the search results list, the more traffic it will get. We’ll design your website to contain words and phrases that will increase its relevance to key search words. In short – people will have an easy and prompt way to find you on the Internet.
Social Media
Social media provides a platform in which organizations can reach their supporters and engage them in marketing research, communication, sales promotions, discounts, and relationship development programs. theONEco.’s social media experts will build and execute a social media strategy that will add relevance and volume to your online presence.
Mobile Apps
The explosion in popularity of mobile apps has created a huge demand for this type of technology in the communications field. This is largely due to the versatility and benefits that mobile apps can offer in any type of business setting. This tool will increase productivity, ease purchasing processes, and demonstrate that your organization is at the forefront of technology.
Everything Else
It would be impossible to list all of the services that theONEco. has to offer. But rest assured, if it has to do with communications and marketing, theONEco. will have you covered. We are here to cater to your needs, so if you have a unique request or idea, we will make those dreams a reality. The sky is the limit!







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