What is Guerilla Marketing and How Can It Help My Brand?

Guerilla Marketing is a type of advertising strategy that is centred around inexpensive, unconventional marketing tactics that produce maximum results. This innovative advertising style relies mostly on unconventional marketing strategy, effort and creativity. The truth is, Guerilla Marketing is about taking potential customers by surprise, making a lasting impression and creating large amounts of social media buzz.

Guerilla Marketing is said to have far bigger impact on consumers than more traditional forms of advertising and marketing. This is because most Guerilla Marketing campaigns are designed to strike the consumer at a memorable and personal level.

Guerilla Marketing is often the perfect approach for small businesses that need to reach a large audience without going over their budget. It also is used by large corporations in grassroots campaigns to augment on-going mass media campaigns. Some people have even implemented this marketing style when searching for employment.


What’s in a name? The roots of warfare

For most, the word “guerilla” has some very intense emotions attached to it. It conjures up images of rebellion and conflict. Attach it to the word "marketing," and people are bound to get confused. Guerilla Marketing isn't some sort of war-like form of communication; however, when we hear the term “Guerilla Marketing,” it’s hard not to contemplate guerilla warfare.

This is fair since that’s where this style of marketing got its name. In terms of actual warfare, guerilla tactics hinge largely on the element of surprise (raids and ambushes). So how does this relate to the work we do every day? Guerilla Marketers create highly unusual campaigns that aim to catch people unexpectedly during their day-to-day lives.


Budget friendly tactics

What marketers like most about Guerilla Marketing is its low-cost nature. The true investment here is creative and intellectual and in its implementation. It doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, you can frame this style of marketing in the same context as repurposing your existing content. Like breaking down certain segments of an ebook, and expanding each one into an article or blog post. It’s meant to be an investment of time but not money. Guerilla Marketing works by repurposing your target audience’s existing environment. Analyze it, and determine which parts can be repurposed to include your brand.


Types of Guerilla Marketing

As specific as it might seem, there are actually a few individual sub-categories of Guerilla Marketing.

  • Outdoor: This method is about adding something to pre-existing urban environments, like putting a removable object onto a statue, or covering sidewalks and streets with temporary artwork.
  • Indoor: Much like outdoor Guerilla Marketing, only it takes place in indoor locations like retail stores, shopping malls, train stations or college campuses.
  • Event Ambushes: Utilizing the audience of an event – such as a concert or sporting game – to promote a product or service in a visible way, often without permission from the event organizers
  • Experiential: This encompasses all the above tactics, but executed in a way that necessitates the public interacting with the brand.

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