how it works

The Existing Communications Models

  • Outsourcing Through One Agency of Record

    You are billed hourly for each deliverable and may be charged up to 20 percent extra for any supplementary outside services. Additionally, most agencies will require a retainer to be on call. You will also need to have a communications manager or coordinator to liaise with whichever agency you chose.

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  • Outsourcing Through Multiple Service Providers

    You are billed separately for each deliverable and may be charged up to 20 percent for any outside services. Each supplier needs to be briefed, met with and monitored on a continuing basis. For this type of structure a senior communications manager is required to coordinate the daily tasks.

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  • Building an Internal Communications Department

    You build an internal team consisting of a seasoned communications manager, in addition to professionals from a wide range of industries that have expertise in all of the necessary fields. Depending on the size of your business you will need to add a minimum of three employees to your payroll.

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  • Introducing Complete Convergent Communications

    theONEco. business model is based on the ever-increasing needs of organizations that are looking for an all in one communications solution. Together with the client we assess the scope and timing of all deliverables and bring in every expert needed to manage and implement your tailored communications plan. We do this by sharing our full talent pool with our clients on a full time basis.

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Our Approach

  • Having an open and frank discussion with prospective clients to assess their needs and wish lists and nail down timing for each deliverable.

  • Collaboratively identifying and adding up the time needed to complete all of the major tasks so that deadlines are set in stone.

  • Taking the total cost and amortizing the payments – in a way that is convenient to the client – over a 2 to 5 year period on a monthly basis.

  • Establishing one consistent monthly charge throughout the working agreement including any minor deliverables along with regular maintenance.

  • The client receives no additional bills other than third party agreed to suppliers and out of pocket expenses.